Gideons International Sunday

This week our friends at Gideons International came for a visit to share how God is moving through their ministry. They shared testimonies on how the Gospel is being spread and how we can come along side them and help! Below is the first of four videos that they shared as well as a link if you would like to donate to their cause.



“Freedom, Glorious Freedom” – Romans 6:22

We live in a country based on freedom. We sing songs about freedom. But do we know what the truest form of freedom is? It is the freedom that we receive provided to us by Jesus Christ. Are you really enjoying it though? Give this weeks sermon a listen and find out!

“Security” – Psalm 91:1-2

There are certainly things that make us feel secure. Our homes, our families, belongings or something simple like a blanket. We strive for security throughout our lives but why do we search so hard when true security can be found in God? We dive into this topic today! Won’t you join us?

“Be The Presence Of God” – Matthew 2 / Guest: Chaplin Dan Sweeney

Pastor Brad is on vacation so our special guest speaker is Chaplin Dan Sweeney from Bismarck. He challenges us on how and who we should be as we enter into 2019! Join us!

“God With Us – Peace” Advent 2018 Week 4

We close out our Advent celebration looking at the Peace that Christ brings to us as, “God with Us”! It’s been a wonderful time of expectant waiting for the arrival of Jesus and we have looked at the amazing attributes that He brings, such as Peace. Can we really achieve Peace? What does that really look like? We explore that today! Join us!

“God With Us – Joy” Advent 2018 Week 3

What does Joy really look like? Have you ever really been joyful? There is so much in this world that can steal our joy. There have been things that have always tried to steal humanities joy! Today we look back at Elizabeth and Mary and that despite the situations that they found themselves in, they were able to find joy! Join us today!

“God With Us – Love” Advent 2018 Week 2

Ever think of Mary & Joseph as a love story? It really is. The highs and lows of there relationship are really interesting to look at and to realize that they were real people too. They had a real relationship that was real with real feelings and emotions. Today we look at this love story and how it effects you and I today. Join us for this, the second Sunday of Advent.

“God With Us – Hope” Advent 2018 Week 1

If we listen to everything around us, one would think that we have no Hope at all. However, if we listen to what scripture tells us, we would know that is not the case! We DO have Hope!! There is so much to be hopeful for! Join us today as we begin Advent and look the Hope that we DO have!

“Expectations” – Micah 6:8

There are so many expectations on us throughout all of our life, from the moment we are born to the day we die! As we go, we learn what is expected of us of this world but do we really know what is expected of us from God? Today we look at that and answer the question, what does the Lord require, or expect, of us? Join us!

“Why Be Thankful?” – Psalm 100

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we look at the simple yet complex question of “Why be thankful?” We know that we should be, but do we really understand why we should be? Can we make Thanksgiving so much more meaningful this year by understanding “why”? We look at that this week!

*Note: Our regular recording system was giving us issues so the sermon was recorded on an iPhone. Hopefully you will be able to hear everything properly.

Video used during sermon: