“Serving God Through Serving Others” – 1 Peter 4:10-11

We’ve all been given a gift from God, but the question is what is it and how are we going to use it? We explore that today and we can put those talents, abilities, the gifts we receive to work! Join us won’t you?


Video before sermon: https://youtu.be/zcruIov45bI

“Change The Room” – Romans 12:1-2

Here’s a thought for you. Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? Ever think if yourself that way? We’ll talk about that today and also how we shouldn’t be conformed to this world. We be reminded at what should conform us! Join us as we dig into what God has to say to us today!

“Better Than Life” – Psalm 63

Some great questions that have been asked of us recently are “What stirs our affections for the Holy Spirit?” and “Why don’t we yearn for Him?” Great questions that we should be asking ourselves! Today we look at Psalm 63 and we see King David’s affections for the Holy Spirit stirred as well as we see him yearn for Him as well! We can learn a lot from King David and this Psalm! We pray that you join us by listening!

“The Bible Doesn’t Say That” – Week 5

How many times have you said and or heard, “God won’t give you more than you can handle”??? We’ve heard, see it, said it! But did you know, that’s not in the Bible? Possibly the most often and widely misused saying out there! Join us as we explore this and learn what the Bible REALLY does say!

“The Bible Doesn’t Say That” – Week 4

So often we think that the “bad things” that happen in our life is due to sin in our life, the Bible doesn’t say that! This mentality is something that we as humans have dreamed up! Don’t believe us? Listen to this weeks sermon from Pastor Brad to help figure this out! Join us!


Video shared during the sermon: https://youtu.be/GswSg2ohqmA


“The Bible Doesn’t Say That” – Week 3

We continue to look at things that the Bible does not say and this week brings us to the topic of “Judging”. Many people think that the Bible tells us not to judge others, well, not so! Don’t believe us? Join us as we debunk this idea!

“The Bible Doesn’t Say That” – Week 2

We live in a world that tells us that we do something for someone that we should get something in return. People feel that way about God too! So often people feel that the things that they do for God should get them something in return. Many even feel that what they get in return should be financial “reward”! Today we look at the false idea that so many believe that obedience leads to financial blessings! Join us as we debunk that idea and look at what the Bible DOES say!

“The Bible Doesn’t Say That” – Week 1

So often we hear or even say things that we think are in the Bible, but many times they aren’t! This week we kick off a 5 week series that look at many of those things! This week we start off by look at the saying “God helps those who help themselves.” Join us as week as we look at what the Bible DOES say about this!

“When The Enemy Attacks” – Guest Speaker Doug South

So often we lose focus on the positive things in our lives, especially when Satan attacks! He finds things that when we are our weakest and exposes them! Today, with the help of our guest speaker Doug South, we look at how to change our attitude to things of the Lord!

“It Comes Down To Priorities” – Luke 10:38-42

There are so many things in our lives vying for our attention. From work to family to whatever! So many things that can distract us from keeping the main thing the main thing. So we have to ask ourselves in all of the busyness of our days and in our lives, are we truly making time for God? Are we making the only main thing that matters, the main thing that matters? We explore that today, we hope the Lord speaks to you today! 

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