“Ethics 101” – Romans Week 4

Paul has a done a wonderful job helping us to identify the issue in our lives that we all deal with, sin. He’s reminded us that God can help us not to miss the mark. He’s helped us realize that God can make our sins as if they had never happened and that He can transform us! This week we look at how to put this into action in our lives. Looking at the “Ethics” of a Christian life! We’d love to have you listen in!

“Transformation” – Romans Week 3

From the moment we come to Christ, there is a change that is happening within us. It’s God working us, molding us and making us into His image. Today we look at the transformation that He is doing to us! It’s a wonderful one! Join us!

“As If It Never Happened” – Romans Week 2

There are things that we wish had never happened in our lives. Things we say, things we do, sins that we commit. God promises that He can make things just as if it never happened! He also offers us grace and forgiveness! What wonderful promises! Today we continue our look at the book of Romans and what the Apostle Paul tells us!

“Missing The Mark” – Romans Week 1

We are starting a 4 week look at the book of Romans! This week we start out by identifying the problem that we all deal with and that is the problem of sin. Give is a listen!

“God’s Chisel” – Ephesians 2:10

Did you know that we are God’s masterpiece? His original workmanship? His handiwork? Believe it or not, we are! We talk about this today and look at why we are such and what that means for us! Check it out!

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“Shipwrecked: Rescued By Jesus” – Act 27:42-43

We put an exclamation mark on our week of VBS and look at the story of Paul being shipwrecked! We look at how Jesus rescued him and the others from what would have meant certain death! Join us as we look at the amazing story!

“Oh To Be A Child Again” – Matthew 18:1-5

The Disciples asked Jesus a simple question one day, “who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.” Jesus gave them a very interesting answer! Join us today as we look at what He told them and how it still effects us today!

“Dear Younger Me” – Titus 3:3-5

At some point in our lives we have all thought about something we might go back and change in our lives. The group MercyMe sings of this in their song “Dear Younger Me”, which inspired today’s sermon. We’ll look at our passage in the book of Titus today as well that speaks to what we used to be before the Lord came into our lives. Join us!

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“Be Encouraged”

There is SO much in this world that can bring us down, isn’t there? Scripture gives us a TON of encouragement! How we can be encouraged and to be encouraging! Today we look at that! Join us!

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“God’s Love For The Lost” – Luke 15:3-7

Jesus taught in Parables… a lot! Today we look at the “Parable of the Lost Sheep” and how that relates to us. How WE are the sheep. How WE get lost and how He, lovingly, comes after us. No matter what! Won’t you join us?