“No Matter What” – Romans 8:38-39

So often in life we hear the lie that we’re not good enough to be loved by God, that we can actually lose God’s love! Today we discuss that very thing. How untrue it is! That no matter what, God’s love will always be there for us! No matter what we do. No matter where we go. It’s there always!

“Navigating Uncharted Territory Part 2: Get Out Of The Boat” – Matthew 14:22-33

We like our boats. They are comfortable and cozy. But today as we learned, we’ve got to get out of them! We’ve got to be willing to go out and do something that we’ve never done before! Have faith to be like Peter to throw our leg over the side of the boat and walk on water with Jesus! We’d love it if you’d listen to this week’s message!

“Navigating Uncharted Territory” – Nehemiah 1-7

With a charge from President Thomas Jefferson, the famous duo of Lewis & Clark bravely went out and did what no one had ever done before. But things didn’t go like they thought it would! The canoe that they thought would take them their entire journey, didn’t. They had to adapt. They had to change. Their circumstances changed. The church is facing the same thing these days. So are the people of the church! Join us today as we look at the Uncharted Territory around us!

“Our Guide For Our Lives” – Guest Speaker Doug South

Pastor Brad Griffin and his family were at the Prairie Lake District Assembly and Family Camp this past week! So our guest speaker today is Doug South, Kenmare High School Athletic Director, and shares with us his story on how he got to Kenmare and what our guide for our lives is!

“You Are My Strength” (Upward Sunday) – Ephesians 6:10

We cap off our week of our Upward Basketball Camp by looking at our theme for the week, strength. Where does strength come from? How can we rely on it? That’s what we talk about this morning! Join us!

“Warning Labels” – Psalm 1:1-6

Warning labels are everywhere! Literally, everywhere! But do we heed them? Do we pay attention to them? They are there to protect us, to keep us from harm. Just like warning labels in God’s Word! Today we look at one of them! We’d love for you to listen!

“Fear” – Proverbs 1:7

Fear of the Lord? What does that really mean? Why would we fear someone who is doing such wonderful things for us? We look at that very idea today idea! Join us!

“Ethics 101” – Romans Week 4

Paul has a done a wonderful job helping us to identify the issue in our lives that we all deal with, sin. He’s reminded us that God can help us not to miss the mark. He’s helped us realize that God can make our sins as if they had never happened and that He can transform us! This week we look at how to put this into action in our lives. Looking at the “Ethics” of a Christian life! We’d love to have you listen in!

“Transformation” – Romans Week 3

From the moment we come to Christ, there is a change that is happening within us. It’s God working us, molding us and making us into His image. Today we look at the transformation that He is doing to us! It’s a wonderful one! Join us!

“As If It Never Happened” – Romans Week 2

There are things that we wish had never happened in our lives. Things we say, things we do, sins that we commit. God promises that He can make things just as if it never happened! He also offers us grace and forgiveness! What wonderful promises! Today we continue our look at the book of Romans and what the Apostle Paul tells us!