“Famous Last Words” – Matthew 28:16-20

We’ve all heard about the last words of people throughout history, but have we really paid attention to them? Today we look at the famous last words of Jesus to His disciples. He gives them their marching orders, the Great Commission. Join us as we see how this impacts us today!

“Stop Doubting And Believe” – John 20:24-29

Doubting… we’re all guilty of it. We doubt so many things some times. One thing we shouldn’t doubt it God! He has done so much for us out of His love for us! Today we look at “Doubting Thomas” and how he overcame his doubt and we look at how we should overcome ours! Join us, won’t you?

“Now The Work Begins” – Luke 24-13-35

It’s after Easter… now what? Well as we will see, the work has just begun! Jesus has a special encounter with some special people on the day of His resurrection. See how this sets the stage to answer the questions, what’s next?

Easter Sunday – “Resurrection Power” – John 20:1-18

Happy Easter!! HE IS RISEN!! What a wonderful time of year when we can celebrate our RISEN Lord and Savior! The grave did not win! The tomb is empty and Jesus Christ is very much alive! Join us as we celebrate Easter as well as Communion together!

“Good Friday” – Matthew 27

As we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us on the cross this Good Friday, take time to think about what really happened on that day. The events. The pain. The sacrifice. The Love. Join us for this time to look back…

Palm Sunday – “What An Entrance!” – Mark 11:1-10

Palm Sunday is here! Jesus and His Triumphal entry! It was an entrance that meant so much to so many! Join us as we see how this touches us even today! P.S. Pastor Brad got a little excited at the beginning of the sermon, watch your volume!

“I Don’t Want To Talk About It!” – John 12:23-33

There are lots of things that we don’t want to talk about or deal with! Sometimes though, we need to. Death is one of those things. Jesus Christ talked about death openly and it is through His death that we can have a future with Him! Join us for this, the fifth Sunday of Lent!

Experiencing Lent – “Shed Some Light On Things” – John 3:19-21

We continue to prepare our hearts and minds for Easter, as we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. This week, we look at “the light” which is Jesus and the “dark” and what the Light can do for it! Won’t you join us?

Experiencing Lent – “Worship Where You Are” – John 2:13-22

We continue to prepare our hearts and minds for Easter, which marks the death and resurrection of Jesus. This week we look at Jesus and how he helps make the way to God easier. When He opens things up and allows us to Worship Him right where we are, anytime and anywhere! Join us!

Experiencing Lent – “Carrying Our Cross” – Mark 8:34-38

Did you know that we have a cross to bear too? We are called, just like Jesus, to sacrifice things to walk along the road that He did as well. Today as we worship during the 2nd Sunday of Lent, we look at what “Carrying Our Cross” really means and how that looks in our lives!