Experiencing Lent – “Been There, Done That” – Mark 1:9-13

Lent is a wonderful time of year as we prepare our minds and our hearts for Easter! So today we look at what Lent is and how it can grow us, challenge us and get us ready to fully understand Easter! We kick off our “Experiencing Lent” series by looking at the beginning of Jesus’s ministry here on Earth! Join us!

“When God Ran” – Luke 15:11-24

Ever feel that you are too far from God? When we get to far from Him, we can always go back to Him! He’ll run to us too! Join as we look at the Parable of the Lost Son and how we see God and ourselves in this wonderful story!

“Got Fruit?” – Luke 6:43-45

Ever think of yourself as a fruit tree? The Bible tells us that we produce fruit! Well, today we look at the fruit that our lives produce. We also look at what we store up in our hearts! Won’t you join us?

Sermon Intro Video:

“God Will Provide” – Genesis 22:1-19

So often we find ourselves in situations where we don’t see a way out. We don’t know what is going to happen. We don’t know how we things will turn out. This week we look how God provides for us at JUST the right time! He is faithful to provide for us! Join us!

YouTube links to videos used in this sermon:

Movie Clip – “Sully” (2016)

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“God Is Able” – Hillsong Worship:

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“God’s Handiwork” – Ephesians 2:1-10

Our lives are made up of our past, our present and futures. Our stories are different but the goal in our of our lives should be living for the Lord. Living for what He wants us to do and with an eternal goal in mind. Listen as we look at this and hear from the Lord in an amazing way!

“Are You There God?” – Habakkuk 1:2-6

Ever wonder if God is listening? Ever feel like that He’s not there? Today we looked at the promise that we have from God that He IS there and that He has our best interests in mind. Join us!

How do we see ourselves? How do we see others? How do we see the plan that God has for us in our lives? As 2018 is just underway, we need to challenge ourselves to look at things with God’s eyes, not ours. Join us as we look at how God can change vision!

“God’s Resolutions”

Pastor Bob Karie pay us a visit as he fills in for Pastor Brad and he shares with us God’s Resolutions for us! We all seem to have New Years Resolutions, find out what God has in store for us in 2018!

“The Journey to Peace” – 4th Sunday of Advent & Christmas Eve

We have had a wonderful journey of following the Star to Jesus’s arrival in the manger and today we arrive! What a wonderful gift we have received from God! Join us as we look at the Peace that we received from Christ when He came to Earth!

“The Journey To Joy” – 3rd Sunday of Advent

This wonderful journey to follow the Star to the Christ child continues! This week we look at the Joy that Jesus gives us all and how to make that Joy a real thing in our lives!