“Hello, My Name Is Content” – Phil 4:11-13

In our final installment of the series in the book of Philippians, we look at how we can truly be content in what we have… and in what we don’t have.

“In Every Situation…” – Phil 4:4-7

Jumping ahead in the book of Philippians, we hear from the Apostle Paul about worry and how to handle it with prayer!

“Be Like” – Phil 2:1-11

Ever want to be like someone else? In today’s sermon, we hear again from Paul on who we really should “be like”!


*The first few moments of the sermon did not record. Here is what you missed:

How many of you wanted to be someone or be like someone else when you were growing up? I’m shocked that as an adult I don’t have an identity crisis! It seems like I couldn’t watch a show or something without walking away wanting to be like them! Anyone under the age of 20 will probably have to Google everything that I say for the next few minutes! There’s your warning!! Well, I wanted to be able to play the drums like Micky Dolenz of the Monkees. Man that dude could play!

Conduct Yourself… – Phil 1:27-30

As we come to the end of the first chapter in the book of Philippians, we see God’s instruction on how we are to conduct ourselves!

Comfort Zone – Phil 1:12-26

We continue our look at the book of Philippians and we see how Paul’s comfort zone adapted, then we ask our selves, is God calling us to change ours?

Attitude of Gratitude – Phil 1:3-11

As we continue our series in Philippians, join us as hear the thankful heart of Paul!

*Note we missed the first few minutes of recording.

Identification Please – Phil 1:1-2

We start a series on the book of Philippians and how Paul starts off this letter and how he identifies himself!