“Fasting” – Spiritual Habits Week 3 – Matthew 6:16-18

As we continue our look at Spiritual Habits, we take a look at the seemingly lost practice of Fasting. What is it, why do it and how do we do it are all questions that we’ll tackle! We’d love to have you watch.

“Prayer” – Spiritual Habits” Week 2 – Matthew 6:5-13

Communication. We communicate everyday with others but do we really communicate? Do we know how to communicate? More importantly, with all the communicating that we do, do we take time to communicate with God? We look at how prayer is just that, our way of communicating with God Himself. Listen in, won’t you?

“Scripture – Spiritual Habits” Week 1 – 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Join us as we kick off our new sermon series entitled “Spiritual Habits”. This week we look at our habits or lack of scripture reading. Why should we read scripture? Why is it important to us? With the help of Apostle Paul, we look at that very thing.

“The Journey” – Guest Speaker Doug South

We all have a story that makes us, us. We all go down paths and take turns, it’s called our Journey. Today, our guest speaker Doug South talks about his journey that God has him on and the journey of Saul of Tarsus (AKA The Apostle Paul) that God took him on. Listen in!

“Restoration Project” – Isaiah 54:11-12

Sometimes some things get to a point they need to be restored. They get old. they get worn out or as in the case we hear about today from Pastor Brad, you wreck a car! So how do we restore anything? How do we bring something back from where it is to what I needs to be? That’s what we discuss today! Join us!

“Baptism Sunday”

Join us today as we have the privilege of Baptizing three wonderful Children of God! Also, we dive into what Baptism is and what it means for us as believers! It was a wonderful day in the Lord!

“Love Enemies” – Sacred Selfie Week 4 – Luke 6:27-35

People do things in life that rub us the wrong way, make us mad and if we’re not careful we can create enemies. You see it everywhere all the time. Why is that? Scripture tells us that we are to love our enemies, but that can be very hard to do. Today as we finish our “Sacred Selfie” series, we look at how why we are to love our enemies and more! Join us!

“Don’t Cave” Sacred Selfie Series Week 3

Living in the world that we live in it’s hard to stand up for what we believe in. There is so much going on and so much that stands against what Christ Followers believe. At some point, we need to do as scripture tells us to do and stand firm on our beliefs! We have to stand up for Christ and get to a point where we don’t cave. That is what we are talking about this morning, join us!

“Carrying Burdens” Sacred Selfie Series Week 2 – Galatians 6:1-5

The charge to us in scripture is to “carry each other’s burdens”, but what does that really mean? What does that look like and what does it require of us? We continue on with our “Sacred Selfie” series and look at this topic and these questions! We’d love for you to listen!

“Who Am I?” Sacred Selfie Series Week 1 – 1 John 3:1-2

Ever wonder who you really are? We are told so much by others and we see so much of what society tells us we should be, so can we really answer the question, “Who Am I?” Have we disillusioned ourselves or can we truly find the answer to this? Join us as we dive into this!